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Hexed Kazite Philosopher is a Character Build in Outward, created by DarkLordSutekh.


Hexed Kazite Philosopher
The Brand of Crimson Frost focuses on inflicting Hexes and increasing Frost damage with items obtainable end-game. Note- This build requires Legacy Chests and The Soroboreans DLC.
BreakthroughIcon.png Breakthroughs Required Faction
Bloodlust.png Spellblade's Awakening.png Leyline Connection.png Any
Weapon Off-Hand Head Body Boots Backpack
Cerulean Sabre.png Frozen Chakram.png Red Wide Hat.png Crimson Plate Armor.png Crimson Plate Boots.png Any
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Jinx.png Chakram Pierce.png Elemental Discharge.png Torment.png Rupture.png Mana Ward.png Push Kick.png Mana Push.png

Combos[edit | edit source]

Gaberry Wine.png > Discipline Potion.png > Cool Potion.png > Infuse Frost.png > Cool.png > Sigil of Ice.png
Jinx.png > Chakram Pierce.png > Elemental Discharge.png > Cerulean Sabre.png > Torment.png > Rupture.png
Mana Ward.png > Push Kick.png > Mana Push.png
Sigil of Ice - Combos
Frost Burst.png > Frost Kick.png > Frost Push.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

If you're looking for how to start this build check out the Quick Start section of the Blue Kazite Philosopher, but take Bloodlust over the suggested Steadfast Ascetic, as your third Breakthrough.

Legacy Chests can be used as an alternative to joining The Blue Chamber Collective.

Enchant the Cerulean Sabre with Rainbow Hex.

Arcane Robe can replace Crimson Plate Armor.

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