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The Survival Crafting Menu

Crafting is a major gameplay mechanic in Outward which allows the player to create items ranging from Equipment to Food, Drinks, Imbues and many other items.

Overview[edit | edit source]

To craft items, the player can either select a known recipe, or manually craft a new one either through trial and error, or by knowing the recipe in advance.

The Crafting menu accessible at any time covers Survival Crafting only. The player must use an appropriate crafting station such as a Kitchen, Cooking Pot, Alchemy Kit etc., in order to see the recipes for those stations.

In any crafting menu the player can select up to 4 ingredients (apart from campfire cooking, which only allows 1) and combine them to produce new items. They can also deconstruct some items into raw materials, or refuel lanterns.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

All craftable items have an associated recipe - knowledge of how to create an item with various crafting systems. Learned recipes will be listed in the appropriate crafting menu, and recipes will be learned automatically once the player crafts them for the first time, regardless of whether or not they own the associated recipe scroll.

Recipes can be learned several different ways:

  • Through trial and error with a manual recipe (or by knowing the recipe in advance)
  • Purchasing the scroll from a vendor
  • Finding the recipe scroll as loot, either from enemies, loot containers, or quests.

However, not all recipes have an associated scroll, so the only way to discover them is to use trial and error (or the recipes page).

List of All Recipes[edit | edit source]

All recipes can be found on the Recipes page:

Types of Crafting[edit | edit source]

  • Survival Crafting: Accessible from the player's crafting menu, this kind of crafting requires no station.
    • Decrafting: also from the crafting menu, players can decraft certain items into base materials.
    • The player can refuel their lantern by placing the lantern and the appropriate fuel (Thick Oil or Power Coil) in a manual recipe.
  • Cooking: the player can cook food either directly on a campfire, or with a Cooking Pot or Kitchen.
  • Alchemy: using an Alchemy Kit, the player can craft various magical items and potions.
  • Blacksmiths can craft armor sets and weapons for the player if they bring them the appropriate materials, though the player does not craft these themselves.

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