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Fishing Spot.png
Gatherable Details
Gathered Items
Required Tools
Fishing Harpoon
Regions Found

Fishing is a type of Gathering activity, requiring a Fishing Harpoon in the player's inventory.

Often found at natural water sources, fishing spots are marked by bubbles and fish under the surface of the water. They are in fixed locations and respawn once every 24 in-game hours.

Valid Tools[edit | edit source]

Along with a Fishing Harpoon, the following items also work for Fishing:

Durability Loss[edit | edit source]

The action of Fishing will reduce the durability of the Harpoon you use by 5%.

Fishing Spot Types[edit | edit source]

Regardless of the type of fishing spot, players are guaranteed at least one Fish item, and have a chance at additional items.

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