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This page will serve as a basic How to play Guide for Outward. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Instead of blocking and dodging during combat, try to learn to avoid damage by walking or running in short bursts, as both blocking and dodging use stamina, and while blocking you don't recover stamina, so that's another thing to look out for.
  • During combat, depending on the swing direction of your opponent it is possible to completely avoid all damage by sidestepping and encircling

your target the moment they attack.

  • Word of caution: This does not apply to 360 degrees AoE attacks, but you can still use dodge to avoid it in case you can't sidestep it.
  • 2h Wielding enemies have a very noticeable swing direction whereas some 1h like dagger can be harder to read.
  • As a rule of thumb, move in opposite direction of their dominant hand.

  • It's worth bandaging yourself before combat as it is a heal over time effect.

  • Use the bow as binoculars, even without arrows, it can zoom in with aim, it's useful for scouting ahead and take detours to avoid strong mobs.

  • Drinking water before combat can prove to be extremely useful in lengthy fights.
  • Use traps to even the odds. Set up several in a doorway or on a bridge, any chokepoint in terrain. They can be built cheaply. You can save scrap metal by using bandit swords that might be too heavy to haul back to camp for such a small sum.
  • Investing in Tents is worthwhile, since it provides stamina buff after sleeping in it.

  • When you have to spend night outside, seek butterflies, since area around them counts as a safe spot, so you don't have to be on guard.

  • One Waterskin of saltwater can be boiled for 5x clean water and 5x Salt.
  • If you run out of stamina in middle of the combat, you can avoid damage by walking towards enemy while he is rushing at you, or in case you want to get away and don't have stamina, you can simply walk and avoid unnecessary damage by sidestepping, turning around and behind them or something similar, when they rush in for the attack, until you recover stamina, then try to seek a place where you can be out of their sight for long enough to lose aggro, then either heal up and go back in or just try to get away after recovering enough stamina.
  • When you're farming Bandits, always have one of the Bows, your main weapon and Life Potion quick slotted, use the bow to poke the enemy at range, this way you aggro only 1 Bandit instead of 2 of 3.
  • If you aggro multiple enemies, just run away and they'll give up the chase, anyway, when only 1 runs over, switch to your main and drop the backpack.
  • Make sure your Life Potion is in your pocket, not in the backpack or else you can't use it after you drop the backpack.
  • Don't bother quick slotting bandages, that takes 10 seconds to apply and it's heal over time and is not even that much, so it'd do you better trying to avoid incoming attacks until you can run away.
  • Loot only after you confirm that there are no enemies in vicinity.
  • Often you can watch Bandits fight off Mantis Shrimp or Hyenas, wait near them (since they won't attack you while in combat), and when they are low then go in (there is slight delay between target change) and kill the weakened surviving side for easy loot.
  • It is best to avoid the Mantis Shrimp at the beginning. It has a fast attack speed. You can hide behind terrain and use the Simple Bow or return at a later time to go shrimp hunting.
  • It's recommended to travel during the day, and do all of your crafting/cooking/sleeping at night.
  • Venturing out into the wild at night is risky because even with Lanterns, you can only see several feet in front of you, so there's more risk of getting ambushed, this game is not forgiving, one wrong move and you'll be waking up in a prison cell or cave with your backpack gone and a bunch of debuffs from dying.
  • On the other hand, some of those caves and prison cells will teach you new crafting recipes or give you new friends. Many enemies are not active at night, so it can be safer as long as you put your light sources away and pay attention.
  • Another reason why it's not advised to travel at night is the temperature drops, and you might catch a Cold. Of course, in hot climates, this can be a good thing. Besides, colds are easy to cure with tea made from water and seaweed.
  • On the other hand: The Chersonese beaches are safe at night. You can fish, harvest ammolite, and find blue sand without Mantis Shrimp attacking you.
  • Don't venture with too much stuff, leave it in the Stash in your house, especially Silver, because if you die, there's no guarantee you'll get it back.
  • The only exception is when you're going on a long journey to Berg or Levant, because once you get there, you can't really go back to your house to get your stuff, so you need to bring most of your Silver for the wares in the new city.
  • Items dropped in towns don't disappear, so use this to your advantage.
  • Later on when your coin purse gets too heavy, buy Gold Ingots, their price is 100 both to buy and sell, which makes them reliable source of money, and at the same time they weight only 1/10 of the Silver.
  • To save yourself some aggravation in the beginning, you can run down to the beach SW of Cierzo in the beginning and find an injured villager. Easiest way to get there is through the storage room. Fight off a 2 Troglodyte in here and drop down where it says that you cannot get back up if you continue. Bring an extra bandage and stay far away from the Mantis Shrimp as you make your way down the beach. Give the bandage to Michel Aberdeen to earn a village favor instead of having to earn the 150 silver to save your home. Be aware you will still have to make it back home without dying which means avoiding or fighting off a handful of enemies.

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