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The following is a guide for Installing Mods for Outward.

Modding Branch

In order to use mods, you need to be on a Mono branch of Outward.

  • On Steam: Right-click Outward in your Steam library, and choose: Properties > Betas > "default-mono - Public default branch (mono)", there is no access code.

Steam mono branch.png

  • On GoG Galaxy: From the Outward screen (where the play button is), click on the Options button to the right of the play button. From there, go to Manage Installation > Configure... > Installation tab. Select the drop down and select default-mono. If you see the "radio buttons", make sure to click the radio button titled Version X.X.X:mono (where "X.X.X" is the highest version number you can see) to update to the correct version.
  • On Epic Store: you are on mono by default and dont need to do anything.

BepInEx Loader

BepInEx is a Mod Loader for Unity games. Using BepInEx is simple - just drag and drop, there is no real "installation" process for BepInEx, and no game files are permanently changed. Deleting BepInEx is as simple as deleting the BepInEx folder.

Before installation

Before you install:

  • Please install 7Zip for Outward modding, and make sure you always use the "Extract Here" when installing BepInEx or mods, unless the mod instructions say not to.
  • Warning: Do NOT install Partiality Launcher, or it will break BepInEx.
    • If you have Partiality Launcher installed (or did have it), you should backup your Outward\SaveGames\ directory, delete the Outward folder, and do a complete re-install of Outward before you continue.

How to install

  1. Make sure you are on the mono branch of Outward (see above)
  2. Download BepInEx here. Make sure to download the Unity Mono version for Outward, and not the Unix or x86 versions.
  3. Place the zip in your game installation folder, eg. for Steam: steamapps\common\Outward\
  4. Right-click the zip file and choose "Extract here", or right click -> 7-Zip -> Extract Here.
  5. Make sure the files look exactly like this: Outward\BepInEx\ (folder), Outward\doorstop_config.ini and Outward\winhttp.dll.
  6. Run the game from your Game Launcher (not directly from Outward.exe), and make sure you see a file Outward\BepInEx\LogOutput.log, this means BepInEx was installed correctly.

Done! You are now ready to install BepInEx mods.

Where To Find Mods

The Mod List contains a manually updated list of popular mods along with their current status.

The external website NexusMods is the place to find all mods for Outward. Some mods may provide an alternative download (such as via GitHub), but generally you're going to find them on NexusMods. To get a mod from NexusMods:

  1. Create an account or log in
  2. Read the Description tab, which should give installation instructions (which may be unique to that mod)
  3. Click the Manual Download button on the right or in the Files tab to begin your download


If you're having trouble loading a mod there are some things you can try.

Check these things first

  • When you launch the game, make sure you launch from your Game Launcher (ie Steam/GoG/Epic, not from Outward.exe)
  • (Steam / GoG users) Make sure your game is set to the Mono branch! Sometimes your launcher may revert to the main branch.
  • Ensure you do not have Outward installed in more than one location. From your game launcher, use the "Browse Local Files" (or equivalent option) and make sure you actually installed mods from where the game is launching from.
  • Ensure you have placed the files in the correct structure. You should see Outward/BepInEx/core, for example, and not "Outward/BepInEx_{version}/BepInEx/core".
  • Make sure you downloaded the x64 (Windows, Mono) version of BepInEx. There are other options and none of those will work.
  • Right click Outward.exe and click Properties > Compatibility, and make sure you are not running the game in compatibility mode for Windows 8. You can disable compatibility or use Windows 7 mode.
  • Some Windows systems may block the DLL files because they're from a different computer. To fix this, right-click the DLL file and select Properties > Unblock (button down the bottom). You should check this for the winhttp.dll file in the main Outward folder, as well as the DLLs in the Outward\BepInEx\core\ folder.

Things you can try

  • Try hard-restarting your game launcher (Steam / GoG / Epic) and trying again.
  • Backup your Outward\SaveGames folder, and do a complete re-installation of Outward and BepInEx.
    • Make sure you completely delete the Outward installation folder before re-installing. Put your SaveGames back after installing.
  • If you've tried everything above, reach out to the modding community on Discord and ask for help.

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