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The following is a list of items in the game Outward.

Item Lists[edit | edit source]

Due to the large size of these lists, pages have been created to break things up into categories:

Unsorted[edit | edit source]

This category includes crafting materials, deployables, tents, and other miscellaneous items.

Alchemy Kit.pngAlchemy Kit5.0
Alpha Tuanosaur Tail.pngAlpha Tuanosaur Tail2.0
Assassin Tongue.pngAssassin Tongue0.5
Bandages.pngBandages0.2Bandages (Effect)
Cures Bleeding
Giant Iron Key.pngBandit Camp Key0.1
Beast Golem Scraps.pngBeast Golem Scraps0.5
Blue Sand.pngBlue Sand0.2
Blue skull effigy.pngBlue skull effigy0.4
Butcher’s Amethyst.pngButcher's Amethyst0.1
Calixa's Relic.pngCalixa's Relic0.2
Camouflaged Tent.pngCamouflaged Tent4.0Stealth +5%
Stamina costs -10%
Ambush chance greatly reduced
Campfire Kit.pngCampfire Kit0.5
Charge – Incendiary.pngCharge – Incendiary0.2
Charge – Nerve Gas.pngCharge – Nerve Gas0.2
Charge – Toxic.pngCharge – Toxic0.2
Chemist’s Broken Flask.pngChemist's Broken Flask0.5
Giant Iron Key.pngCierzo Town Key0.1
Cold Stone.pngCold Stone0.4
Cooking Pot.pngCooking Pot3.0
Coralhorn Antler.pngCoralhorn Antler2.0
Giant Iron Key.pngDead Roots Key0.1
Elatt's Relic.pngElatt's Relic0.2
Giant Iron Key.pngEnmerkar Tomb Key0.1
Fire Stone.pngFire Stone0.4
Firefly powder.pngFirefly Powder0.1
Flint and Steel.pngFlint and Steel0.5
Fur Tent.pngFur Tent6.0Cold Weather Defence +10
Stamina Cost -15%.
Gep's Generosity.pngGep's Generosity0.2
Gep's Note.pngGep's Note
Ghost's Eye.pngGhost's Eye0.1
Giant-Heart Garnet.pngGiant-Heart Garnet0.1
Gold Ingot.pngGold Ingot0.1
Gold-Lich Mechanism.pngGold-Lich Mechanism1.0
Greasy Fern.pngGreasy Fern0.3
Haunted Memory.pngHaunted Memory0.2
Horror Chitin.pngHorror Chitin4.0
Improvised Bedroll.pngImprovised Bedroll2.0
Insect Husk.pngInsect Husk1.0
Iron Scrap.pngIron Scrap0.2
Spikes – Iron.pngIron Spikes0.2
Jade-Lich Idol.pngJade-Lich Idol0.1
Krypteia Tomb Key.pngKrypteia Tomb Key0.1
Large Emerald.pngLarge Emerald0.1
Leyline Figment.pngLeyline Figment0.2
Linen Cloth.pngLinen Cloth0.1
Luxury Tent.pngLuxury Tent6.0Faster Healing from Rest
Stamina costs -20%
Mage Tent.pngMage Tent3.0Mana costs -15%
Reduces Mana Burn rate from sleeping by 50%
Mana Stone.pngMana Stone0.5
Manticore Tail.pngManticore Tail3.0
Mantis Granite.pngMantis Granite3.0
Medium Ruby.pngMedium Ruby0.1
Giant Iron Key.pngMontcalm Key0.1
Obsidian Shard.pngObsidian Shard2.0
Occult Remains.pngOccult Remains0.5
Giant Iron Key.pngOld Levant's Key0.1
Giant Iron Key.pngPalace Passage Key0.1
Palladium Scrap.pngPalladium Scrap0.2
Spikes – Palladium.pngPalladium Spikes0.2
Pearlbird's Courage.pngPearlbird's Courage0.2
Petrified Wood.pngPetrified Wood1.5
Phytosaur Horn.pngPhytosaur Horn4.0
Plant Tent.pngPlant Tent4.0Refill Hunger and Thirst
Hot Weather Defense +10
Tent cannot be removed or dismantled.
Power Coil.pngPower Coil0.4
Predator Bones.pngPredator Bones1.0
Pressure Plate Trap.pngPressure Plate Trap1.0
Scaled Leather.pngScaled Leather1.0
Scarlet lichs idol.pngScarlet Lich's Idol0.1
Scourge's Tears.pngScourge's Tears0.2
Shark Cartilage.pngShark Cartilage1.0
Simple Tent.pngSimple Tent5.0
Small Sapphire.pngSmall Sapphire0.1
Thick Oil.pngThick Oil0.2
Thorny Cartilage.pngThorny Cartilage1.0
Tiny Aquamarine.pngTiny Aquamarine0.1
Tripwire Trap.pngTripwire Trap0.2
Tsar Stone.pngTsar Stone0.1
Giant Iron Key.pngVendavel Key0.1
Giant Iron Key.pngVendavel Prison Key0.1
Vendavel's Hospitality.pngVendavel's Hospitality0.2
Giant Iron Key.pngVigil Lock Key0.1
Spikes – Wood.pngWooden Spikes0.1
TribalFavor.pngWrit of Tribal Favor0.1

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