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Locations are places the player can explore in Outward. There are four distinct and diverse regions, each containing many marked and unmarked locations. The major area in which Outward takes place is called Aurai.


Click on a region to see locations found in that region.

Regional Maps

These regional maps contain all unmarked locations, as well as the real names of the marked locations.

Area Reset

All locations in Outward (excluding all Cities except Giants' Village) will reset after 7 days spent outside of the location. This happens per "scene", you do not need to leave a region to reset other locations in that region - spending a full week inside a city will reset all other locations in the region, for example.

For cities, items which players leave in the city will never despawn. Merchant stock will still reset, this happens every 3 days. Gatherables also still reset in cities - this happens after between 1 and 3 days, depending on the Gatherable.

World Maps

There are various world maps the player can find in-game, and on loading screens.

In the October 2019 Update, several new map images were released which show Berg as being further south than it originally was shown to be.


All major cities in Outward are the name of a type of Wind in real life.

  • Cierzo: "The cierzo is a strong, dry and usually cold wind that blows from the North or Northwest through the regions of Aragon, La Rioja and Navarra in the Ebro valley in Spain."
  • Levant: "The levant is an easterly wind that blows in the western Mediterranean Sea and southern France, an example of mountain-gap wind."
  • Monsoon: "A seasonal reversing wind accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation"
  • Berg: "Berg wind is the South African name for a katabatic wind: a hot dry wind blowing down the Great Escarpment from the high central plateau to the coast."
  • Harmattan: "A dry and dusty northeasterly trade wind, which blows from the Sahara Desert over West Africa into the Gulf of Guinea"
  • Sirocco: "Sirocco is a Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara and can reach hurricane speeds in North Africa and Southern Europe, especially during the summer season."


  • Tramontane: "Tramontane is a classical name for a northern wind."
  • Oroshi: "Oroshi is the Japanese term for a wind blowing strong down the slope of a mountain, occasionally as strong gusts of wind which can cause damage."
  • Karaburan: "Karaburan is a spring and winter katabatic wind of Central Asia"
  • Haboob: "A haboob is a type of intense dust storm carried on a weather front. Haboobs occur regularly in dry land area regions throughout the world."

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