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Welcome to the Official Outward Wiki
Welcome to the Official Outward Wiki
The Outward reference written and maintained by the players.
Please feel free to contribute by creating new articles or expanding on existing ones.

We are currently maintaining 5,208 pages (1,447 articles).
Latest Game News

SoroborDLC 1.png

DLC Announcement | February 18th, 2020
You have battled your way through the landscape, dedicated yourself to your favourite faction and died countless times. Now it’s time to grab your backpack, pick up where you left off, and venture forth in this new hard hitting DLC. [...]


Experimental Branch | November 15th, 2019
We are releasing a new patch on the experimental branch. Unlike the previous patch which was focused on new content, this one is meant to make the game more stable and easier to support in the long term. [...]

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Free Content Patch | October 4th, 2019
As some of you know, there has been a huge patch that has been in the work and been in testing on the Experimental Branch for a couple months. A big thank you to everyone who played it while it was in testing, reported bugs and gave us feedback. [...]

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