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Potions are a type of consumable item in Outward, and are associated with Alchemy. Potions grant various benefits such as effects or restored attributes.

Potions[edit | edit source]

Alertness Potion.pngAlertness Potion The Soroboreans0.5Raises Alert level by 1
Restores 50 Stamina Stamina
Antidote.pngAntidote0.5Removes all "Poison" effects
Assassin Elixir.pngAssassin Elixir1.0Speed Up
Stealth Up
Poison Imbue
Astral Potion.pngAstral Potion9%0.5+50% of max Mana
Restores 20 Burnt Mana
Blessed Potion.pngBlessed Potion0.5Blessed
Cool Potion.pngCool Potion0.5Cool Boon
Discipline Potion.pngDiscipline Potion0.5Discipline Boon
Elemental Immunity Potion.pngElemental Immunity Potion0.5Elemental Immunity
Elemental Resistance Potion.pngElemental Resistance Potion0.5Elemental Resistance
Endurance Potion.pngEndurance Potion9%0.5+70 Stamina
Restores 10 Burnt Stamina
Grants Stamina Recovery 3
Energizing Potion.pngEnergizing Potion The Soroboreans0.5Restores all Fatigue
Gep's Drink.pngGep's Drink0.5+30 Health
+60 Stamina
+25% of max Mana
Golem Elixir.pngGolem Elixir0.5Impact Up
Great Astral Potion.pngGreat Astral Potion0.5+100% of max Mana
Restores 20 Burnt Mana
Great Endurance Potion.pngGreat Endurance Potion0.5+100 Stamina
Restores 50 Burnt Stamina
Grants Stamina Recovery 5
Great Life Potion.pngGreat Life Potion0.5+300 Health
Restores 20 Burnt Health
Cures Bleeding
Hallowed Marsh Antidote.pngHallowed Marsh Antidote0.5Removes all "Marsh Poison" effects
Hex Cleaner.pngHex Cleaner0.5Removes Hex Effects
Horror’s Potion.pngHorror’s Potion The Soroboreans0.5Restores 100% Burnt Health, Mana and Stamina
Adds +10% Corruption Corruption
Health Recovery 5
Illuminating Potion.pngIlluminating Potion The Soroboreans0.5Extreme Mana Recovery
Innocence Potion.pngInnocence Potion The Soroboreans0.5Corruption Resistance 1
Corruption Recovery 1
Invigorating Potion.pngInvigorating Potion The Soroboreans0.5Removes Weaken and Sapped
Restores 20 Burnt Stamina
Life Potion.pngLife Potion9%0.5+50 Health
Mist Potion.pngMist Potion0.5Mist
Peacemaker Elixir.pngPeacemaker Elixir0.5Peacemaker Elixir (skill)
Possessed Potion.pngPossessed Potion0.5Possessed
Purity Potion.pngPurity Potion The Soroboreans0.5-50% Corruption Corruption
Quartz Potion.pngQuartz Potion The Soroboreans0.5Corruption Resistance 2
Rage Potion.pngRage Potion0.5Rage
Sanctifier Potion.pngSanctifier Potion The Soroboreans0.5-20% Corruption Corruption
Spiked Alertness Potion.pngSpiked Alertness Potion The Soroboreans0.5Raises Alert by 2
Restores 60 Stamina Stamina
Stability Potion.pngStability Potion0.5Impact Resistance Up
Stealth Potion.pngStealth Potion0.5Stealth Up
Stoneflesh Potion.pngStoneflesh Elixir0.5Physical Attack Up
Impact Resistance Up
Rage (Boon)
Survivor Elixir.pngSurvivor Elixir0.5Restores 20 Burnt Stamina
Weather Defense
Stamina Recovery 3
Warm Potion.pngWarm Potion0.5Warm
Warrior Elixir.pngWarrior Elixir0.5Discipline
Impact Up
Physical Attack Up
Weather Defense Potion.pngWeather Defense Potion0.5Weather Defense

Imbues[edit | edit source]

While not all Imbue Consumables are potions, players may expect to find Varnishes on this page. Imbue consumables also include Rags.

Bolt Rag.pngBolt Rag0.2Lightning Imbue
Bolt Varnish.pngBolt Varnish0.5Greater Lightning Imbue
Dark Varnish.pngDark Varnish0.5Decay Imbue
Fire Rag.pngFire Rag0.2Fire Imbue
Fire Varnish.pngFire Varnish0.5Greater Fire Imbue
Ice Rag.pngIce Rag0.2Frost Imbue
Ice Varnish.pngIce Varnish0.5Greater Frost Imbue
Poison Rag.pngPoison Rag0.2Poison Imbue
Poison Varnish.pngPoison Varnish0.5Greater Poison Imbue
Spiritual Varnish.pngSpiritual Varnish0.5Greater Ethereal Imbue

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