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Outward has 3 types of Skills:

Initially, characters are equipped with four skills: Push Kick, Fire/Reload, Dagger Slash and Throw Lantern.

Upon meeting different NPCs, characters are able to learn new skills.

  • Teachers (denoted by the Academic cap on a cities' map) offer a number of both active and passive skills, and are where Breakthrough points are spent.
  • Trainers offer one skill, usually for 50 SilverIcon.gif.

Players can also receive skills as a reward for completing Quests.

Teachers[edit | edit source]

Trainer Kazite Spellblade.png Trainer Mercenary.png Trainer Philosopher.png Trainer Rogue.png Trainer Rune Sage.png Trainer Shaman.png Trainer Warrior Monk.png Trainer Hunter.png
Kazite Spellblade Mercenary Philosopher Rogue Rune Sage Shaman Warrior Monk Wild Hunter
Eto Akiyuki

Skill Trees[edit | edit source]

Example 1: of tier 3 skills locking out

When training at a Teacher, you are presented with a menu similar to Warrior Monk example shown.

Tier 1 skills:

  • There is no restriction to buying them all.
  • Usually 50 SilverIcon.gif or 100 SilverIcon.gif.

Tier 2 (Breakthrough) skills:

  • Known as Breakthrough skills.
  • A Breakthrough Point is spent when learning these, and you only have a total of 3 points.
  • Required to access Tier 3 skills on that tree.

Tier 3 skills:

  • Can only be bought from a tree once you've unlocked that tree's Breakthrough skill.
  • You can only learn one paired* skill, the other skill will be locked out

* skills which are on the same row, ie. the top two rows in the Warrior Monk example

Trainers[edit | edit source]

Trainers can be found all over Aurai, usually in towns. They offer skills for 50 SilverIcon.gif, or as a reward for successfully negotiating quests or dialogue.

Name Skills Taught Location
Burac Carillon Various weapon skills

Pommel Counter


Cyril Turnbull Mist Berg
Friendly Immaculate Possessed Immaculate's Cave
King Simeon Simeon's Gambit Levant
Markus Puncture Slums
Mofat Blessed Monsoon
Oda Talus Cleaver Cierzo
Sagard Battleborn Execution Berg
Smooth the Tailor Warm Levant
Soeran Juggernaut Monsoon
Taleron Mace Infusion Berg
Vendavel Prisoner Backstab Vendavel Prison
Wandering Mercenary Moon Swipe Fang & Claw's Inn


First Watcher Flamethrower

Sigil of Fire

Reveal Soul

Conflux Chambers
Second Watcher Cool Conflux Chambers

During certain Quests, various NPCs will also act as trainers, granting the player Passive Skills:

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