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Tsar Stone
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Tsar Stone is an extremely rare crafting item in Outward. Tsar stones cannot be purchased from merchants nor mined in the world. Instead, they are a unique resource that can only be obtained by completing specific tasks, such as hidden interactions in the world or Quests.

Weapons created with Tsar Stones have infinite durability and never need to be repaired. While they have the highest physical damage in the game, they are also very slow at 0.8 speed.

Description[edit | edit source]

Shimmering gem that glimmers with shining power

Uses[edit | edit source]

How to Acquire[edit | edit source]

Tsar Stones are an extremely rare and limited resource that can only be acquired by completing specific objectives or quests in the world. There likely won't be enough to craft everything without going to multiple play-throughs and legacy chests.

Known Locations of Tsar stones:[edit | edit source]

Upper right Chersonese, through the Ghost Pass.[edit | edit source]

  • The grave will be on the top far left corner of the area beyond the Ghost Pass next to the red ruined building
    • Choose option 3: "coat your weapon with Gaberry Wine" in front of a marked tombstone to spawn the Ghost of Vanasse, who drops the stone.
    • (EXPLOIT FIXED) Option 3 no longer repeatable after 7 days.
  • Alternatively, if player chooses to "drink a bottle of Gaberry Wine", the player will receive the Tsar stone without having to fight the ghost. This can only be done once.

Electric Lab dungeon in the Abrassar region.[edit | edit source]

  • A purple orb located at the top of the dungeon must be interacted with to begin the Arcane Machine quest.
  • The orb can be found when you reach the top of the dungeon after solving an elevator puzzle.
  • The Tsar stone is located behind the door located at the opposite side of the orb from the elevator platform.

Mad Jack Bones' Treasure Hunt questline[edit | edit source]

  • Begins in an unmarked pirate cave in the Chersonese. Just north of the ruins located South-centre of Chersonese.
  • Fifth and Final location is the Old Docks in Abrassar just northwest of the beached ships.

Main Questline completion[edit | edit source]

Inside the Dark Ziggurat of the Jade Lich.[edit | edit source]

  • in the middle of the elevator shaft, jump down into a platform on the side while the elevator is going down and pull down the lever in that platform. Take care not to die from falling damage.
  • The Tsar stone will be placed on an altar behind a locked bar that is next to one of the corruption lever, The bar should be open by now.